Welcome to the Resources tab of the Southern California Junior State website. Here, you can find various resources that will help you lead a successful JSA chapter this year!


Chapter Leadership Form – This form is the first step in becoming an official, tax-paid chapter in the Southern California Junior State. The form itself is very brief and is required so that we can send you the information and resources that you need to be successful. (Note: This form needs to be filled out every year by the new Chapter President.)

JSA Tax Form – This is the form which you will send to the JSA office along with $5 per member in order to become an officially recognized chapter. Urban schools may be eligible for a reduced tax fee. Please contact Yvonne England  to learn more.

Chapter of the Year Award Information – If your chapter is having a really great year, consider applying for the E.A. Rogers Chapter of the Year Award. Details about the award and the application process are included in the guide.


Chapter Start-Up Guide – From the initial idea to the first chapter meeting, this guide will explain everything there is to know about starting a JSA Chapter at your high school.

Writing A Chapter Constitution – This document will help you learn what to include in your Chapter Constitution and how to organize it. A sample constitution is included as well.

Taking Charge of Your Chapter – This guide explains how to successfully manage your chapter and how to effectively cooperate with your chapter’s leadership and members to spread JSA’s mission.

Chapter Mentorship List – This List is all the chapter mentors, learn how to start and improve a chapter properly from experienced and successful JSA Chapters. For further questions contact Hallie Wagner.


Winter Congress Registration Packet — This packet has all the information regarding Southern California 2018 Winter Congress Registration. 

JSA Permission Slip – This form is required from students for all overnight events held in connection with JSA.

Bill Writing Guide – This guide includes all the information necessary to write a bill for Winter Congress. Bills are to be sent to

Scholarship Application – Full and partial scholarships are available for students attending Fall State LA.

Congress Leadership Application – If you are interested in serving as a Party Chair, Committee Head, Committee Clerk, or Full House/Senate Clerk, apply!


National Chapter Fundraising Guide – A full guide of how to run a succesful fundraising guide at your JSA Chapter; if you have any questions contact our National Director of Fundraising Gamin Kim

Event Submission Form – We would love to know about any events your chapter puts on! Fill out this form so that we can help you publicize and provide you with any materials you may need.

Voter Registration Drive Guide – If your chapter is interested in hosting a Voter Registration Drive, this guide has all the information you’ll need to learn more about the process. Contact the Speaker of the Assembly, Adam Cohen at for more assistance!

Debate Handbook – This handbook will explain more about the JSA style of debate as well as give those new to debating a few tips on crafting a successful argument. (Note: Update version will be released soon!)

Moderator Handbook – This handbook will explain more about the JSA style of debate as well as give those new to debating a few tips on crafting a successful argument. (Note: Update version will be released soon!)

JSA Flyer 1JSA Flyer 2 – These are flyers that describe what JSA is.  These can help explain what JSA is to prospective students at school Club Days.

Training Videos – Coming soon!

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