Welcome to the Events tab of the Southern California Junior State website. Here, you can find all the information you need regarding conventions, one-days, and more! Please look into our resources page in order to access JSA tax forms, scholarship applications, chapter of the year award files, and more!

What are One-Days? 

SoCal JSA holds several one-day conferences each year. These student-run conferences are typically held on a Saturday on the campus of a major university.  Debates, thought talks, guest speakers and simulations fill the day, just like at overnight conventions.

One-day conferences offer students a great chance to prepare for JSA overnight conventions, meet students from nearby high schools and debate and discuss topics within a unifying theme that is less broad than overnight convention themes.  Recent JSA one-day conferences have focused on law and justice, American history, elections and foreign policy.

What are Conventions?

Conventions are similar to one days in that they are student-run conference in which members may participate in a variety of debates, thought talks, and workshops. The main difference is that one-days are set on a more grander scheme where there are more topics to debate and converse about.

Conventions take place during the weekends and typically last two days and one night. A multitude of chapters come together on these weekends and bond over political issues through sharing their ideas. Each conference typically has a different purpose set in place. Fall State LA and OC are meant to have every member have meaningful dialogue over contemporary political issues. Winter Congress is where students are able to write, debate about, and pass their own bills and is a wonderful way for students to engage in how the American government functions. Spring State, the final convention, is where students campaign in order to become the next Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Speaker of Assembly, Senator, Mayor, or Vice Mayor; all of which would be elected by none other than the members of the SoCal Junior State!

Convention and ONe-Day Dates