Ray Alonso, AR Senator

29091103721_a5faf981e9_oRay Alonso is the AR Region Senator along with A.J. Walker. He enjoys socializing with members of various chapters and debating at every possible moment. Ray’s two favorite activities outside of JSA are Speech and Debate and getting Boba. As Senator, Ray will be pushing legislation to ensure that campaigns are less money focused and more focused on the content and passion in a persons platform, that way one does not feel obligated to spend hundreds of dollars on a campaign and can instead be on an even playing field with the rest of their fellow statesman. Ray is very excited for the next year of JSA!





A.J. Walker, AR Senator

28547341584_d2bb335a87_oA.J. Walker is an enthusiastic friendly person who loves to engage in conversation. Along with being an active member of JSA, A.J. Walker is a cheerleader, a proud member of Speech and Debate, and teaches children church at her church.

A.J. Walker became a member of JSA in the fall of 2015. From the first convention A.J. went to she fell in love with JSA. For A.J. JSA felt like home; it encompassed people just like her: talkative, friendly, and young people who were very into politics.





Cody Ela, SER Senator

28881706440_ca5c2734dd_oA senior at Servite high school Cody Ela is optimistic and looking forward to a productive year on cabinet serving as an Southern Empire Region Senator. Joining Junior State as a sophomore interested in civics and politics, Cody fell in love with the organization. It was through the Junior state that Cody created life‐lasting friendships and bonds that will serve him well both in and out of the political realm. It was when he joined this organization that he knew he wanted to be a part of the positive change that this organization had to offer.

Since joining, Cody has attended numerous overnight conventions, attended one‐days, and help coordinate regional one days when he served one year on the Southern Empire Region cabinet as director of technology. Previously he attended the 2015 UCLA JSA institute on media and politics, and attended the 2016 JSA Republican National Convention Symposium where he met junior statemens and women from all over the country. He is more than excited to Serve as a Southern Empire Region Senator this year.

Outside of JSA Cody is a 3 time varsity letterman in both water polo and swim and has represented his coastal region on the Olympic development program team. in the offseason of waterpolo he rows varsity crew at long junior crew. At school Cody is involved with multiple clubs emphasizing service to others as he is the co-president of the investment club and president of the Red Cross Club. When he is not busy with his athletic passions and Junior State passions he enjoys relaxing with friends and practicing the piano. He looks forward to serving the junior state this year through the countless hours that he will put in to his job as a Senator adding necessary legislation to the constitution and promoting civic engagement throughout his school and community.




Sam Wasserman, SER Senator

28547341944_990a93086d_oSamantha Wasserman is a sophomore at Beckman High School. She attended her first three conventions during freshman year and soon fell in love with the organization. In addition, she traveled to Philadelphia for the Democratic National Convention Symposium. She strives to speak at each JSA event she attends to better her debate skills as she grows with the program. Samantha is the only underclassman who holds an elected position and is ready to fulfill and exceed the responsibilities of being a senator.

Outside of the Junior State of America, Samantha plays for Beckman’s girls soccer team as well as for Slammers Football Club, and enjoys not only playing the sport, but making new friends along the way. Her Beckman pride does not stop with sports as she is also an active member of Beckman ASB, previously the Freshman Representative‐at‐large, and now as the Sophomore Representative‐at‐large. However, her largest passion is that of politics and social action in which she finds JSA fits her quite well.




Chloe Glikbarg, CIR Senator

28547343434_bd1ea572cd_oChloe Glikbarg is a second year Chapter Co‐President and senior at Dos Pueblos High School in Goleta. She first got involved with JSA at the start of her sophomore year, served as CIR Director of Publicity and Technology her junior year, and is beyond excited to see what senior year brings! In addition to JSA, Chloe participates in her school’s varsity mock trial and tennis teams, and spends her summer doing lab research (s/o to NASA). She spends her free time eating/drinking boba, writing a low quality food blog, discovering pretentiously indie music, and texting the CIR Groupies. Chloe is thrilled to serve as one of this year’s CIR Senators, and looks forward to passing some legislation!




Danielle Kalcic, CIR Senator

28547342624_dd537eb1d9_oAlthough she only joined JSA her sophomore year, Danielle Kalcic has since been intrigued with the organization. It became her favorite extracurricular after witnessing the intense debating and friendly delegates at Fall State 2014. She then made an easy decision to apply for state cabinet. In addition to serving as chapter coordinator, Danielle successfully ran for Channel Islands Region Senator at Spring State 2016. Outside of JSA, Danielle dedicates most of her time to train for tennis year round. As a rising senior at Adolfo Camarillo High School (ACHS), she is heavily involved in National Honors Society and recently founded the Do Something community service club. Danielle enters the new year with high hopes of improving the Junior State alongside her talented and passionate coworkers in the Senate!

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