Anna Sarukian, AR Senator

29091103721_a5faf981e9_oTwo years ago: Anna Sarukian, a freshman at West Ranch High School, undoubtedly introverted, and completely oblivious as to how she would grow in a short year’s time.
Today: Anna Sarukian, a junior at West Ranch High School, Angeles Region Senator.
She found an immense passion for debating and love for an engaged audience the first time she spoke at the Harvard-Westlake One Day, and so, the paradigm shift of how Anna viewed the Junior State became what it is today, and she immediately became enamored by its mission and works to implement it.

Since then, Anna not only attended her first convention – Spring State 2017 – but also fully immersed herself into the environment she found at JSA; the same environment in which her zeal led her to run off the floor for Angeles Region Senator; which later indeed marked her victory! Throughout her tenure as a Stateswoman, she has served as a Chapter Coordinator as well as an attendee of the Institute on California Leadership and Politics at UC Davis – not to mention her weirdly consistent attendance at an abundance of One Days. It was within this very organization that Anna has not only forged her strongest friendships, but also developed as a leader.

When she isn’t counting down the days until the next JSA event, you can usually find Anna enlightening others about the Armenian Genocide, competing in tennis tournaments, perfecting her eyebrows, and “periodically” cracking chemistry puns (haha). Anna is ecstatic to now serve as an Angeles Region Senator and is willing to give up just about everything – besides her trademark Armenian eyebrows – to make every single JSAer find pride in her work…at the very least.





Louie Kahn, AR Senator

Louie Kahn is a senior at John Burroughs High School. He has been in JSA for four years, getting involved after hearing of the Junior State in middle school. After serving on chapter cabinet his sophomore year, Louie served as Assistant Director of Development on Southern California cabinet during his Junior Year. This year, he will be serving as one of the two Angeles Region Senators. Through JSA, Louie had the opportunity to intern on a winning state senate campaign in the last election. Outside of JSA, he is the Student Body President at John Burroughs High, the Vice President of his Jewish youth group, and volunteers for multiple organizations. His favorite part of JSA is watching people passionately debate about controversial issues at one-days and conventions. In his free time, Louie enjoys spending time with friends, going to Dodger games, and watching his favorite reality television show called the Trump Administration.




Chaney Lieberman, SER Senator

28881706440_ca5c2734dd_oChaney Lieberman is currently a Junior at the Orange County School of the Arts where she studies opera in the classical voice conservatory. She has been part of JSA as of sophomore year, and was in midyear cabinet as a fundraising agent. As of this last year, Chaney attended the Montezuma leadership conference in San Jose, allowing her to learn more about the junior state and explore her passion for political discourse that this program offers.

In her free time, Chaney is a Sergeant with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department explorer program, and is a member of their color guard and competition tactics team. She also has created her own non-profit organization, TACK (Taking Action Centered on Kids), which helps raise awareness and give help to victims of human trafficking and domestic violence. She works at the Artemis Defense Institute as a systems operator and junior instructor, and shoots competitively in long distance rifle and pistol matches.




Farhan Khan, SER Senator

28547341944_990a93086d_oFarhan Khan is a SER Senator of SoCal JSA and the Co-President/Vice‐President of Northwood High School’s Junior State of America Chapter. He began his involvement in JSA during freshman year due to his keen interest in politics and strong background in Speech and Debate. JSA has become a central aspect in Farhan’s life, and he has made many of his closest friends through the program. As SER Senator, Farhan Khan hopes to foster greater involvement and participation at conventions and one days.






Nicole Thornton, CIR Senator

28547343434_bd1ea572cd_oNicole Thornton is a senior at Camarillo High school and has been actively involved in JSA since her freshman year. JSA quickly grasped her attention as it involved politics and public speaking — two of her major interests.

Throughout the years, Nicole has attended eight overnight conventions, the UCLA JSA Burd institute and several one days/socials. She has moved her way up from chapter delegate to Secretary to Vice President and now President of her school’s chapter. Past experience and a growing passion for the Junior State inspires Nicole everyday to better the organization in any way she can, either through actively encouraging speakers or creating new debate topics.

Apart from JSA Nicole runs cross country for her high school, is a third degree black belt and instructor in Taekwondo, and volunteers at the Ronald Reagan library.




Leo Glikbarg, CIR Senator

28547342624_dd537eb1d9_oLeo Glikbarg is a junior at Dos Pueblos High School. He has been a part of JSA since the first week of freshman year when he attended his first chapter meeting. He was amazed to find an organization that allows everyone to express their beliefs, regardless of what those beliefs may be, and decided he wanted to become more involved. Leo then had the opportunity to attend five overnight conventions and many one-days. Having served as the Dos Pueblos treasurer and chapter coordinator, he looks forward to leading his school’s chapter and representing the CIR as Senator.

Besides JSA, Leo is a proud member of the Dos Pueblos Engineering Academy and is on a FIRST Tech Challenge robotics team. These days, he can be found watching Netflix while stressing about how much homework he has to complete.

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