Southern Empire Region


Antonio Murillo, Mayor

28547328554_12d13bcc12_oAntonio Murillo is a senior at Servite High School. He is so grateful to have been in such a great organization like JSA since the start of his freshman year. From the welcoming environment to the challenging debates, JSA became not only a club for Antonio, but also a lifestyle. Through JSA, Antonio has found many colleagues who have encouraged him to grow to be the caring, involved person he is proud to call himself today.

Since then, Antonio has had the opportunity of attending ten overnight conventions, as well as attending the Gene Burd Institute at UCLA. Having served as the Deputy Director of Expansion, Officer of Recruitment, and Events Coordinator, Antonio is both prepared and excited to lead the Southern Empire Region.

Outside of JSA, Antonio loves being around his family and friends and is involved with his school’s theatre program, honor society, the International Thespian Society, and Academic Decathlon. When not at one of these extracurriculars, Antonio can be found eating sushi or watching RuPaul’s Drag Race.




Chloe Sweeney, Vice Mayor

29091082381_7422989538_oChloe Sweeney is a senior at Palm Valley School. She has been a part of JSA since her freshman year, when she sought an avenue for her love for politics and debate. She was quickly inspired by the opportunity to express her views and learn from others in a space that fostered friendship and understanding.

Since then, Chloe has had the opportunity to attend many overnight conventions and One-Days, which helped her broaden her horizons and learn more about JSA. Having served as a Palm Valley chapter officer and the Southern California State Scholarship Supervisor, she looks forward to serving as SER Vice Mayor this year!

Outside of JSA, Chloe participates in student government and community service. She is passionate about her faith and helping those in need. She hopes to return to the East Coast for college next fall.




Riley Garcia, Events Coordinator

29169040745_0e75193107_oRiley Garcia is a junior at Servite High School. He has been a member of JSA since freshman year, but became strongly involved during his sophomore year. Riley was introduced by two friends at his school, who also shared the same interests. He is intrigued by the political aspects of people’s views in the day to day life of young Americans. His love for debate and the strengthening of activism gives him the motivation to continue to work to improve JSA.
He is currently the SER Events Coordinator. Outside of JSA, Riley participates in multiple sports and is also a member of the Priory system at Servite, working to strengthen his leadership skills.





Cameron Kalantar, Director of Debate

28547327954_54485c6a3b_oCameron Kalantar is currently a Junior at Northwood High School in Irvine, California. He joined JSA his sophomore year of high school due to the avid encouragement by the upperclassmen as well as his high interest in politics. Cameron fell in love with the program because of its combination of politics, leadership, and public speaking.

Since then, Cameron has attended two overnight conventions including Winter Congress and Spring State and has recently become his chapters head of publicity. With his experience as a state qualifier for speech and debate, orange county MVP for mock trial, and the holder of numerous club leadership roles, Cameron is excited to serve as the 2017-2018 JSA SER Director of Debate.

Aside from JSA, Cameron is involved in a variety clubs and programs including speech and debate, where he competes in congress and pofo. As well as clubs such as Mock Trial and CSF. Cameron also spends a lot of his time on the field playing both varsity football and lacrosse for his school. On most days, you can catch Cameron studying for his AP classes or the SAT and in his free time trying to find the best and newest restaurants or hiking with his friends.




Madelyn Nye, Director of Media and Publicity

28881707110_b6a1f326f5_oMadelyn Nye is a Senior at Rosary Academy. She joined JSA her junior year when the club was created at her school. She attended her first JSA conference and quickly realized that she wanted to be more involved in JSA. Maddie is excited to attend more conventions and other JSA events, and looks forward to a productive year as SER Director of Media and Publicity.

Besides JSA, Maddie is a member of the National Charity League and a Nordstrom’s Fashion Ambassador. She spends her free time at Disneyland, editing pictures or videos, and going concerts with friends.




Tara Hashemi, Director of Fundraising

28547329024_9d5f317b4b_oTara Hashemi is a sophomore at Centennial High School in Corona. She has been involved in JSA since the beginning of her freshmen year when she learned of the club from her school’s chapter officers. Since then, Tara has developed a love for the organization and has continued her involvement. She has attended only three conventions in her time with JSA, but looks forward to much more. This year, she has earned a spot as her chapter’s historian and is serving on Cabinet for the first time as the Director of Fundraising for the SER. She is looking forward to another year with JSA and hopes to give to the organization what it has given to her.

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