Starting a Chapter


Firstly and most importantly, contact us at to establish communications with the Southern California Expansion Department. Our expansion department will get back to you promptly and will be more than happy to send you resources and guide you through the process of establishing an official chapter!


Every chapter needs both a Chapter President and Teacher Advisor to run smoothly throughout the year. If you start a chapter at your school, you (or someone you recruit) will serve as the Chapter President for the year; if you’re having trouble finding a teacher advisor, a great place to start would be in your school’s Social Studies department. Once you have both a president and TA, be sure to fill out to the Chapter Leadership Form to ensure you receive all important communications regarding conventions and other opportunities throughout the year.


Be sure to advertise in your school to recruit the minimum of 8 chapter members to establish a official tax-paid chapter. If you need advice or resources for recruitment, be sure to contact us at or! Once you have 8 members, collect the standard national tax of $5 per member and fill out the Chapter Tax Form.


Once you have established a tax-paid chapter, you will be able to attend our overnight conventions throughout the year! For more information on conventions, visit the Convention Resources tab.