What is the Senate?

The Senate is the sole legislative body of the Junior State of America (JSA). As a student run organization, JSA is accompanied by a student made constitution and bylaws that govern its operations. It is the duty of the Senate to interpret the current constitution, to propose modifications, and to pass a yearly budget. The Senate is made up of seven elected officials, six Senators and the Lieutenant Governor. Every year at Spring State, each region selects two Senators to represent its interests. Senators are responsible for communicating with JSA members to understand and answer their concerns through legislation.

The Lieutenant Governor is the deputy of the state–second in command under the Governor; he/she also heads the Senate of SoCal JSA. In the event of a vacancy of the office of the Governor, the Lieutenant Governor will take responsibility for the state. Political insiders have described the role of real world lieutenant governors as “get up, read the paper see, if the governor is dead, if not, go back to sleep.” In JSA, the Lieutenant Governor takes a more hands on approach, assisting the Governor in all JSA endeavors.

Questions, comments, concerns? Email senate@socal.jsa.org.