Winter Congress 2017

Winter Congress will take place from February 17-19, 2017

Preparing for Congress

The Junior State has produced a booklet entitled Preparing for Congress which covers the procedures and rules of Congress 2013 in detail as well as providing suggestions for getting you and your delegation ready for an enriching weekend.

Download Preparing for Congress!

Serve as a Member of Congress

Can you protect your bill from amendments that might lessen its impact? Should you compromise in order to gain support or should you hold and try to persuade others that you bill is perfect as is? Members of Congress face such questions every day…now it’s your turn. At Congress 2013, you will experience the inner workings of the U.S. Congress firsthand. Each delegate serves as either a Senator of a Member of the House of Representatives

Write Legislation

Students’ participation in Congress 2013 begins before the convention starts as students work in teams to research and write legislation.  Students select an issue that they really care about and determine how Congress can use its powers to have an effect on the issue.

Committee Action and Mark-up

At the convention, students are assigned to committees where all the legislation is discussed and marked up.  Amendments are made and language is clarified while the students learn the art of compromise to earn the committee votes needed to send their legislation the floor of the House or Senate.

Floor Debate

Public speaking skills are emphasized as the sponsors of the legislation that passed in committee take the podium in the full House and Senate sessions.  The chambers are always packed as supporters and opponents of each bill get a chance to speak and persuade the members to support their position.  Students will have the chance to speak out on the most pressing issues that face our nation today.