What is JSA?

The Junior State of America is the largest student-run organization in the country consisting of over 50,000 members! These students all have one common bond: they are interested in politics, government, foreign affairs, law, and education.

Start a Chapter!

Follow these 3 steps to set up a chapter in your school:

Contact Us!

First, contact atekle@texas.jsa.org. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible and will guide you through the process of establishing an official chapter!


Acquire a minimum of 8 members. For ideas and suggestions for improving membership, “see the addition forms” part of this section. Once you have the official minimum, collect the standard tax of $5 per member through this tax form.


If you are starting a chapter, you will act as the mandatory Chapter President for the year. Teacher advisors are also necessary to start a chapter. Oftentimes the most interested teachers are U.S. History teachers, Government teachers, and Debate coaches.

The Junior State of America

Be The People.

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  1. Jeri Friedrichs says:

    Wanting information for the chapter in San Antonio for my daughter Isabella Friedrichs.

    Thank you very much,
    Jeri Anne

    • asingh says:

      Hi, Ms. Friedrichs!

      My name is Ajay Singh and I am the Governor of Texas JSA. We just got access to the website, so we’ll be updating a lot of our information within the next week.

      JSA functions on a school level in terms of chapters, meaning that for your daughter to get involved, it would be optimal for her to create a Junior State of America club at her high school. There are a few chapters in San Antonio, and there are definitely people and resources to help her towards that goal (one of which would be myself). If you could shoot me an email at asingh@texas.jsa.org, I would love to talk more in-depth with you and possibly your daughter about starting a Texas JSA chapter. I started the chapter at my school as a freshman, and I would love to help in any way I can.


      Ajay Singh
      Governor of Texas JSA
      (713) 855-0078

  2. asingh says:

    Hi, Jacob!

    I’m Ajay Singh, the Governor of Texas JSA. Sorry for the month-late reply – we just got access to the website and we’ll be changing it up very soon to make it more appealing to prospective members like you. No worries about your comment. Although having a chapter as a homeschooled student is certainly not something usual, the fact that you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area is good since we have a lot of chapters in Plano and in the DFW area. I would love to talk to you at length about this, as well as get you connected with the Expansion Department. Shoot me an email at asingh@texas.jsa.org and tell me more about your situation. Speech and debate and JSA go well together, so I’m sure you’ll fit right into the community.


    Ajay Singh
    Governor of Texas JSA
    (713) 855-0078

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