Fall State Debates

Shilpa Gunuganti

From carefully examining the possible effects of Alex Jones buying out all media corporations to engaging in civil discourse on Catalan Independence, the resolutions for debate at Fall State this year are not only exceptionally varied but also engaging and more relevant than ever.

Despite the obvious option for involvement in debates by being a main speaker, numerous other opportunities exist, such as delivering a subsequent speech in a satirical debate, contributing ideas in a Thought Talk, or perhaps even just asking speakers insightful questions at the end of their address.

A major aspect of becoming fully engrossed in the spirit of fighting apathy involves some sort of involvement, whether small or large, in these well-planned debates. Regardless of whether you are an expert in JSA-style debate or if you are a freshman who has never taken part in a formal discussion of issues and beliefs, JSA debates are excellent opportunity to further assimilate into the inviting culture of this organization by meeting and discussing your beliefs with fellow statesmen and stateswomen.

I have personally made a few significant JSA friendships simply through the interactions that occur in every JSA debate from talking to the person sitting next to me to debating against the person on the opposing side. Unlike a lot of settings where either discourse does not exist or is rude and uncivilized, JSA debates provide the perfect opportunity to partake in respectful and informative discussion.

Despite the initial intimidation that you might feel or already have felt at your first JSA debate, that experience is beyond significant and unique for each of us. In order to fully immerse yourself at Fall State this year, pay attention to the remarkable opportunities that you have at this convention and take advantage of them. Try to learn something new at every debate you go to. Whether you are a novice or a veteran, JSA always has something to teach you.

If you are interested in moderating or being a main speaker, check out jsa.debateware.com and start signing up!


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