Spring State

Spring State brings the JSA year to a close with the election of the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Speaker of the House, and regional officials, such as Mayors and Senators. The candidates that have been campaigning for the last four months show off their platforms for the last time, attempting to sway the vote in their favor. And as always, every vote counts.

Even so, delegates participate in debates that cover a multitude of topics throughout the day. The debates range from traditional styled debates and thought talks to gavel debates and defcons. Spring State, just like any other convention, brings together JSAers from all over the Texas JSA for two days to debate and share their ideas. This convention is not only a great way to meet people who share the same interests, but also say goodbye to good friends for the summer. Spring State is an emotional convention for everyone, but especially the seniors, for most of whom this is their last convention. This year, Spring State will be held on April 14th through April 15th. Mark your calendars!