Debate Resources


Debate is one of the cornerstones of the Junior State; the freedom to express yourself without fear of judgement has no parallel in modern society. It is through debate that students truly experience the meaning of the Junior State and fully grasp its messages, whether the students themselves are speaking, moderating, or simply listening. However, in order to maintain this environment, we have to set down some ground rules. That’s where the “handbooks” come in; within each are step-by-step instructions on how to participate and detailed procedures of Junior State debate.

Sign Up to Debate

To keep organized we ask that you sign up to debate before the convention. Be aware, there are limited first speaker and moderator spots, and these fill quickly, so sign up! However, even if you do not get the first speaker spot that you wanted, subsequent speeches are always available. To sign up, Click Here. You may need to make an account and check with your chapter leadership to find out your school information.

Submit a Resolution
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